Tomar TD22-2 Clutch


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Tomar TD22-2 Clutch
With a diameter of just 2 3/8″, the TD22-2 is the smallest clutch available anywhere. Offering the lowest moment of inertia possible, this 2-disc clutch is still capable of handing stall speeds up to 8,800 RPM. It is engineered specifically to fit Yamaha KT100 applications. And with its patented Thermal Dissipation (TD) Technology, the clutch can still stand up to harsh racing conditions. TD Technology ensures friction surfaces are isolated to friction discs and rotors, which only see compression loads. Thus, the pressure plate can’t warp because all of the clutch components are in compression. As a result, the clutch does not lose surface area and won’t fade at the end of the race. This also allows the dry clutch to endure unprecedented stall speeds.
  • Smallest kart clutch available on the market today offers the lowest moment of inertia possible
  • Fully adjustable stall speed between 7,800-8,800 or 6,400-7,200 RPM, depending on spring/weight combination
  • Patented TD Technology ensures friction surfaces are isolated to friction discs & rotors to avoid warping, drastically increasing durability & service life over the competition
  • Engineered for Yamaha KT100 applications
  • Clutch driver comes included in package.


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