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Once your online order has been successfully placed, you will receive an email confirmation from us that we have received your order. Depending on your preferred payment method, you will receive the second email with the details you need to do payment. Later which you will receive an email from us confirming your payment and another email with the tracking number after we have shipped your  package.  If your preferred payment method is Bitcoin, you will receive a second communication with the tracking number, after we have shipped your package. 
If you do not receive any emails from us after placing an order, we either did not receive your order successfully, or your email was inputted into the checkout process incorrectly.  Please send our team a message so we can help you further.

All types! At Rhapsody Bike Parts, our goal is to be the only resource you need for parts for mini bikes and go-karts. We have a catalog of over 500 unique part numbers (and counting!) we keep in stock. From ignition coils to tires, brake cables to shift levers, fenders to master links, headlights to taillights, RBB strives to have the parts you are looking for & ready to ship when you need them. Having one source for all your parts needs means you’re not trying to juggle shipments with multiple retailers – one source, one transaction, one order, one tracking number, one shipment, one delivery. Simple!

“Customer service” isn’t just “lip service” at Rhapsody Bike Parts. Feel free to contact us here , send us a message on our live chat button at the bottom right of your screen, or  email for any questions you have regarding parts, availability, ordering, shipping, billing, or any other inquiry. You can also contact us via WhatsApp using the button on the bottom left hand corner or via the live chat on the bottom right hand corner. We’re happy to help!
Yes.  All parts purchased from Rhapsody Bike Parts have a 30 day warranty.  We will replace any parts that goes bad within 30 days, and we will pay the freight.

Our shipping prices range between $4 (minimum) and $150 (Maximum) depending on your location and the total cost of your order. Orders paid with Bitcoin is shipped free to any address provided. If you prefer to know your shipping cost, you can always leave us a message on our live chat, or contact us through any of the provided contacts on our website and we promise typical replies within 24 hours. 

Rhapsody Bike Parts only ships to North America, Europe and Australia. Orders are shipped Max 48 hours after payment is confirmed. 

For those of you who are not familiar with Bitcoin, you can simply

-Search for “Bitcoin ATMs near me” and you will surely be directed to a Bitcoin ATM around you. 

-Drive or walk to the closest you find and try to talk to someone who is familiar or who has more experience than you. Explain your problem to Them and they will help you create and verify a secure bitcoin wallet with which you can use to do payment. 

    If you find this method to be inconvenient, you can always choose a different payment method such as PayPal, Venmo, Zelle and which so ever you are comfortable with . 

-Any order paid using Bitcoin is shipped free to any location. 

-The second email you will receive from us will give you the total amount you are to pay , which includes your shipping fees. 

– If you insist on knowing your shipping cost before checking out your order, you reach us on our live chat or WhatsApp button, or you can use any of the contact details on our “Contact”  page . We promise you a reply within 24 hours after we have received you message.